Struggling with Distributed Agile

In this session, I asked for what struggles people were having. You’ll see those on the first flipchart and we numbered them. Then, I told the group that one of my biggest lessons was that I had to let go of the practices I knew and had to go back to principles. This is also […]

Business Agility – the challenge of converting Projects to Products #noprojects and #whenprojects

Most large transformations struggle to figure out how to reorganize themselves. Existing technology-specific teams should likely be dismantled and reformed into cross-functional, customer/solution centric durable product teams. We talked about how one healthy behavior is to have a top-down lead strategy to identify the organization’s customer journey and big picture value stream, then identify the […]

Agile vs. Coach

This session explored the inner tension for agile coaches identified through exploratory research between “coach as agile expert” and “coach as curious enabler”. The full transcript is available here: Here are some snippets: ME: … the big themes that I thought were really interesting was this tension between “I’m an expert. The reason you […]