Open Space Proceedings gives you, the Open Space facilitator, an easy way to create Open Space proceedings for you and your Open Space conveners and attendees.

How to Contribute
Your Session Notes

To make your Open Space great, session conveners publish their notes here on To publish your session’s notes, follow these steps:

Compoose a new
emial message
with your notes.

Adress your email
To: [email protected]

Use the Subject line
to give your session
notes a title, for
example: Subject:
Sorting in 0(n) time

Snap a photo of your
flip chart(s) and attach
it to your message,
and/or type your notes
into the message body.

Tap Send, and your
email will be published
as session notes here at


Recent Session Notes

Here are conveners’ notes from recent Open Spaces:

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