Do We Need Estimates? #NoEstimates

Topic Title: Do We Need Estimates? #NoEstimates Initiator: Beth Galambos, PO, Healthesystems Participants: Ryan Dorrell, Isa Jelez, Marilyn Brislin, Kate Leonardo, Bill Somerville, Sherrie Hanrahan, Patrick McClain, Liliana Talice, Prachi, Gordon Ridge, Riccardo Reimers, Ruchir Shah, Linda Cook, Bashanth Prasannathiotha Discussion Highlights: High/medium/low confidence on estimates  Seen by business as ‘scientific’  Minimal business increment (MBI)  What […]

Agile Metrics – Light weight and relevant

Topic Title: Agile Metrics – Light weight and relevant Initiator: Prashanth Prasannathirtha Participants: Kevin Krieger, Suzanne Layne Discussion Highlights: What metrics are easy to produce and valuable to key stakeholders? story points per sprint – this helps product owner to understand capacity of team and helps in future planning Number of support hours spent by the […]

How to Measure Progress & Stay True to Agile

Topic Title: How to Measure Progress & Stay True to Agile Initiator: Monica Hernandez, MAS Global Consulting Participants:Stephanie RaffmanTabatha BowersJamie FulminoBeth GalambosKelley WatsonLani McDanielDavid V Corbin Discussion Highlights:Ideas for other metrics to measure include… Technical health – not just technical debt  Planned to done ratio  Business value of done features  Scaled agile/SAFE  Have a business […]