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In the session titled “Agile Testing Patterns”, I walked through an exercise I do with agile teams that are sometimes stuck in knowing what kinds of testing to do to get to “done”.
The attached photos show the notes we captured. Here is a link to the blog post where I describe this model:
This blog post only describes the model-pairing though and not how I use it to help teams visualise the testing they currently do. The visual exercise helps teams *see* new opportunities to enhance their testing/feedback activities as well as *who* might be able to help them.
Two important aspects we discussed include:
  1. Some types of testing people mention aren’t real types of testing.
    • e.g. Regression, Smoke/Sanity, Automation, and so on.
    • These are generally subsets of other types of tests, or describe a way of performing them (e.g. exploratory/manual).
  2. We cannot, nor should we, automate *ALL* testing activities.
    • Some kinds of tests are too complex to try and automate (e.g. usability, UAT)
    • Some kinds of tests are enhanced with tools but cannot be completely automated (e.g. Security, Performance, Accessibility, Localisation, and so on..)
Paul Carvalho
Agile Coach & Trainer
Quality Driven Inc.

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