Agile Coach Camp Canada East extends heartfelt thanks to our Partners: Agile Pain Relief Consulting, Agile Montreal, Scrum Alliance, Its Understood Communications, Leanintuit, Agile Coaching Institute and Agile Partnership for its kind and generous Partnership in helping make the 6th annual Agile Coach Camp Canada East (ACCC) held June 5th to 7th, 2015 a success. 

Passionate people in a beautiful location inspired deep, authentic conversations. We are grateful for the opportunity to deepen existing connections and to form new connections; and we value the learning, sharing, exploring and fun we experienced. Thank you to all who attended and co-created an enrichening experience!
There were 69 registered attendees and 7 Partnerships.  There were about 40% new participants. Agile coaches from Denmark, USA and Canada attended this year’s Agile Coach Camp Canada East.   Highlights from this year’s Agile Coach Camp Canada East included:
  • 2 hours of lightning talks on Friday evening – kudos to first time Agile Coach Campers who were courageous to share their inspiring stories.
  • We were inspired by Lyssa Adkins’ powerful coaching in the moment.
  • Chris Chapman shared Dr. Deming’s Funnel Experiment and Dr. Deming’s Red Bead Experiment – great learning opportunities on systems thinking.
  • Mike Bowler and Bryan Beecham offered up technical sessions with Lego for Serious Play.
  • We explored feminine and masculine energy in relation to pair coaching.
  • We discussed creating safe to fail environments and cultivating learning.
  • Declan Whelan reminded us EQ > IQ ^ ∞
  • There were many other sessions to help us to continue to grow the Agile and Scrum community.  So much passion, generosity and amplified learning!
Thank you to Isabelle Therrien who captured the memories in her beautiful blog post and to David Sabine for his insightful blog post
Pictures and session notes from Agile Coach Camp Canada East 2015 can be found at  
Agile Coach Camp Canada West held June 12th to 14th was equally awesome with passionate people having thoughtful conversations and notes from its sessions are also posted to the same site.

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