Engaging Executive leaders in agile transformation – build am agile leader scrum team

Eight step framework (from Kotter)
  1. Increase urgency
    1. Increase the urgency that already exists, don’t manufacture one
    2. Not panic – the need to do something
  1. Build guiding teams
    1. Agile teams focused on bringing value to the customer
    2. In this case, the org is the customer
    3. PO has content authority over the backlog 
    4. SM removes impediments 
    5. At least one exec member
    6. Modified structure 
      1. Regular stand ups
      2. Monthly planning
      3. Monthly grooming
      4. Backlog includes
        1. Impediments to agile adoption
        2. Focus area
          1. Some major thing (pain point) in the portfolio like…
            1. Quality
            2. Timelines
            3. Process
            4. Communication 
  2. Get the vision right 
    1. Team creates it at the first meeting
    2. Not delivering software,  but delivering value by process improvements 
      1. Revise change management
      2. Introduce devops and continuous integration
  3. Communication for buy-in
    1. Teams see execs doing it and it boosts morale and their own buy in to the process
  1. Enable action
  1. Create short term wins
  1. Don’t let up
    1. Press harder and faster.Don’t let it die
    2. Decrease sprints to two weeks
    3. Use metrics to demonstrate value
    4. Share metrics for Transparency
    5. They can feel some of the same pain other teams feel 
  1. Make it stick
    1. Coach
    2. Communicate
    3. Continuous improvement 
  • One month sprints to start
    • Hold sprint reviews and retrospective 
    • Demo completed stories 
  • Same issues arise as any other team starting up
    • Stories too big or not groomed
    • Lofty expectations 
  • Team needs to include one or more people with a passion for agile
  • Remind of values from agile manifesto
    • The agile manifesto is crystal clear and shines a spotlight on problems, organizational and cultural.

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