Facilitated by Peter B. Stevens

Number of attendees: 10
Room: Oceana 1
A lot of questions about the general steps of becoming a Trainer
Which type of certification should I do? Scrum Alliance? IC Agile? Scaled Agile?
Can benefit a person who is in charge of training people at a company
1 person from FedEx and 1 from Government
1 person from Ukraine who already is in charge of training devs but does not have the CST which prevents her from fully giving certification capabilities to her company employees
1 person is Japanese and wants to become a CST to fill a void of japanese fluent CSTs in the country.
Hurdle – how do you train 100 scrummasters when none of them want to go to you since you aren't certified?
People are already training folks in their company without CST
Companies want to be Agile but CST is focused on scrum. Scrum is a good place to start. 
How to teach people
– teach a class at a community college
– work with a community org or volunteer group
– teach people at work
– get and keep feedback
– use Net Promoter System
– Happiness system – ultimate question

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