Open Space Notes for Specialty vs. Cross-functional Teams (Banda Sea 1)
  • Explained situation of a company that has mostly specialty teams because they have a high number of teams over a high number of divisions and end up doing the different products across the division’s but putting the products together provides value.
  • Person said work from VMWare and they also have very complex
  • How reduce cycle team
  • Have plane mechanic and car mechanics and rather then bring plane mechanics over to work on cars was not worth it – made decision that time is money 
  • Person had 24 teams – how resolve dependencies?
  • Speciality vs. Cross-functional 
    • Where is your most communication taking place?  More communication surrounding building the product or more communication needed
  • Communication, dependencies and inter-dependencies
  • Bring into a single team that have strong communication lines
  • Cannot get rid of cross-team communication – but want to minimize as much as possible with team structure
  • Generalized specialists wanted – will teams take time to take the one step back to take two steps forward in future
  • Don’t want to split a person across teams if at all possible (anything less than 50% is red flag)
  • Spotify video on dividing dependencies

Conclusion: If you have multiple component (specialized) team, working together then try to keep objective of minimizing dependencies between team. Either by minimal team restructuring or refactoring the component architecture.

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