Lean and Agile overlaps.  Both values people; focuses on delivery of business value and continuous improvement.  Lean has some additional principles with supporting practices e.g. flow (of work), pull (as opposed to push), value stream.  I am interested in the application of Lean principles, as I don't see a good flow of work in the organization where I work.

How to get work to flow?
1. Chunk stories smaller to flow in the sprint
2. QA tester and dev't engineering pairing – working closely together each day.
3. Expose WIP – make visible e.g. experiment with use of physical board with one team
4. Pair programming not supported by managers and leaders in organization – one team experimented with pair programming, share their success story.
5. Mob programming – get teams to swarm as a team to get to done
Get small wins e.g. use of value stream mapping tool with the build issues being worked on to bring better visibility to the whole build pipeline and issues.

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