– Recognize that 1-on-1s are safer for introverts than large meetings. Use them to probe for thoughts and ideas.
– You have to be more direct that having an open door policy or asking for feedback in a large meeting.
Be Authentic
– Publicly apologize for your own mistakes taking accountability when things go wrong.
– Positively reinforce contributions by introverts, recognize that it may have been difficult for them to do.
Techniques for Getting Input from Introverts
– Give time to prepare for a meeting or conversations.  “Hey, this afternoon let’s talk about your ideas for improving the build process.”
– Ask for input about a topic in a 1-on-1 before a larger meeting on the topic. Maybe even offer to share their ideas anonymously in the larger meeting.
Techniques for Communicating with Introverts
– Establish trust through 1-on-1s
– Start a conversation stating your intentions. Say “we’d like to improve the reliability of the deployment process and your experience would be incredibly valuable. Why do you think the last deployment failed?” rather than just starting with “why do you think the last deployment failed?”

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