Topic Title: SAFe

Initiator: Robert Kinnerfelt

Note taker: Stephanie Allen

Participants: Farrah, Sam Falco, Timothy Breckman, Stephanie Allen

Discussion / Key Concepts / Quotes / Revelations / Highlights
Brief overview of Scaled Agile Framework.

The concept of SAFe is systems thinking, lean principles and agile mentality.
Big plannings/PI plannings are large sessions where the entire program plans the next increment of 5-8 sprints normally.
In the end of a Program Increment (PI) there is a Innovation and Planning sprint where teams do innovative work and key players prepare planning event.

Reccomendations / Next Steps / Actions
Learn that SAFe is not devils invention. Use SAFe as a bootsrap framework to implement agile and lean methodologies and mindsets in the entire organization.
Train yourselves before deciding on wherther you want to go there..

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