Topic Title: AOF 2017

Initiator:  Mark Kilby

Note taker: John Scalzo

Participants: Several…

Discussion / Key Concepts / Quotes / Revelations / Highlights

Where will it be?  – Likely Orlando…usually moves every 2 years.

Attendees:  where are they from?  25% Orlando area, many from Tampa.  Analyze attendance to get the specific breakdown.

Information available:  AOF 2016 proceedings available online during the conf, compiled into a book format later.  Other Agile info/case studies available from sponsor sites such as AgileThought

Format:  new attendee expressed great satisfaction with the open format.  Others described the sessions facilitated “honest” communication on Agile topics and issues.

Agile games?  Suggestion to integrate some, it will depend on the facilities available.

Combine with Agile Coach Camp?  Make a weekend of it – Friday AOF2017, Sat & Sun Coach Camp.  Maybe integrate also an Agile Improv.

What will get “new” people here?  Advertise that its not only for Developers, include references to implementations by “real people” and that the conf will include those topics.
Other ways to appeal to non-IT Agile implementors?


Reccomendations / Next Steps / Actions

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