Topic: Modern Agile

Initiator: Steven Sladoje #TLSS

Notetaker: Shannon Nacua

Participants: Mark Cruz, Fred Mastropasqua, Shannon Nacua, Adam Ulery, Christopher Duro, Wendy Vigre, Chase Robinson, Phil Zofrea

Is Modern Agile being applied to team currently? This is such a new movement that Modern Agile is being applied but only in pockets.
Modern Agile is a way to bring Agile from software and apply to non IT shops.
Modern Agile is a 2.0 version of the Agile Manifesto. Modern Agile overlays the Agile Manifesto.
Modern Agile talking points:
Making People Awesome: Make the team awesome, make the customer awesome with proving a great product, etc.
Deliver Value Continuously: Always deliver value of the product.
Making  Safety a Prerequisite: Let teams voice an idea, is it ok for teams to fail,  a way to grow and experiment, make the customer feel safe by providing a great product, etc.
Experiment and Learn Rapidly: Teams need new skill, how are they being fed new skills and technology, are we respecting and listening to new ideas no matter where they come from?

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