Topic:  Effective Sprint Planning

Initiator:  Louis Torres – HSN

Notetaker:  Louis Torres

Participants:  Louis Torres, George Spantidakis, Theresa Travis, Terry Winslow, David Walker, Asit, Lauren Honystslu, Bhavine Natarajan, Josh Cundiff, Tealla DeBerry, Kehlia Day, Michael Allarde, Deric Gaines, Parker Melech, Amy Hall, Lemont Chumbliss

Discussion Notes:
* Have prioritization sessions prior to Planning day – Pre Planning Meeting
* Team members task out PBI’s within the Planning Meeting
* Stories must be “Ready”
* Vett stories as a team prior to Planning – especially larger projects.
* Bi-weekly prioritization
* Writing story which can be delivered in on sprint.  Smaller user story/smaller task.
* Everyone has laptops to task stories NOW.
* Bug fixes are completed the last couple of days of the sprint.

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