Initiator and Notetaker – Michelle Michael

Participants (some) Suzanne Daigle, Michael Okneski, Mark Hernandez,

Discussion/Key concepts

Self managing teams are high performing, don’t need basic coaching, pro-active not reactive, engaged, highly communicative, adaptive leadership, set measurable goals, willing to take on any role, mentor each other , asks the right questions and push back appropriately.

Accountability has to become everyone’s responsibility

PO doesn’t become a bottleneck .  Have transparency with stakeholder

Separation between organizational management and administrative management

Conflict resolution resolved internally

Management and PO need to let go of control and let the team decide how to do the work,

Team has choice to decide how to do the work..freedom and choice

Business should focus on WHAT needs to be done

Value the skills/capabilities of individual team members

Mentoring each other gives all teams members a chance to work on the ‘cool’ technology.

Use cross-training and rotation so that teams don’t get stale.  Beware of ‘click’ culture that might build.

‘ No one can exert control over another..Team members are accountable to each other


Research the filtering of applications for ‘practical intelligence’

Apply some knowledge/best practices learned and link up/connect with others in the group

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