Title:  Management 3.0

Initiator:  Robert Kinnerfelt

Note taker:  George Spantidakis

Participants:  George Spantidakis, Mike Glasney, Anitra Pavka, Suzy Jackson, Anjali Leon, Dottye Steward, Dan Crowley, Adam Ulery, Ken Nordquist, Josh Fruit, Jason Knocks, Alexis Martin, Joshua Fiscent,


3 Books Available by Jurgen Appelo

  1. Management 3.0
  2. How to Change the World
  3. The Workout Book
Website:   http://www.management30.com
2 Day Workshop Available with Free 2 hour preview to companies
Workout – toolbox of 20 techniques that can be applied to organizations.

Management 3.0 Contains Different Stages of Environment

  1. Built to make people understand how to manage a system in a complex environment
  2. How people develop themselves
    • People vs. Artifact Management
    • Agile Shows us how to build the product, but doesn’t tell us how to get there.
    • Teams need a brand, name, or logo to give identity
    • Identities energize people
      • Make people part of something they can build or change
  3. What have functional managers done to make teams feel ownership or go “cool” ?
  4. Knowing WHY you are doing something is energizing
  5. Delegation empowers and energizes (Tools exist such as delegation boards)
Primary Concepts of Managment 3.0:

Empowering Teams
  1. Share clear vision and objective
  2. Trust
    • Built by asking for help
    • Providing Safe environment – OK to fail
    • Let teams solve problems
  3. Lead the Chaos for team to become autonomous
Align Constraints:
  1. Manage Outer Boundaries of playing field
    1. Be Transparent
    2. Manage Objectives
Develop Competence:
  1. Manager’s Responsibilities
    1. Agree on direction to move
    2. Can team satisfy direction ?
  2. It’s HOW we do it that’s essential
Grow Structure:
  1. Any system is driven by culture
    • Communication Channels
    • Information Letters
    • Weekly Meetings
  2. Easy to say that Agile teams are autonomous
    • Teach oursevles within organization
    • Breeding reductionism
    • Acknowledge that Tree is a trellis that can allow an organization to grow organically
  3. Pathway to Nirvana of compensation
    • Kudo Cards
    • “Cheers for Peers”
    • Day Off buttons
    • Impact Testimonial by customer
  4. Treat everyone as team members (FTE’s + Contractors)
  5. Look for ways to build community with remote or geographically disbursed teams
    • Personas (Hobbies, photos, about me) to humanize team members
    • Have remote employees go first in standup meetings
Improve Everything:
  1. Continuously
  2. New course material for Management 3.0 has removed Agile and has shifted to contemporary
Differntiators of Management 3.0:
  1. Branding
  2. Guilds –   1 hour of work per week that leads to several hours of efficiency
  3. Parallel (Scaled) Agile and Management 3.0 are a good fit with each other
    • A bootstrap to expand
    • Answers to everyday issues
  4. Personal Maps
    • A tool to get teams to know each other

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