Initiator: Daniel Hettrick
Note taker:

Discussion / Key Concepts / Quotes / Revelations / Highlights

Recommendation / Next Steps / Actions

  • Advocate for creating shorter feedback loops between users/customers and development teams
    • Feedback early and often!
  • Embed User Testing skills within team (hire them or train some team members in User Testing design and facilitation)
  • Utilize resources such as
    • Online resources:
      • Usability Hub
    • Consider engaging 3rd party companies such as WAC Research and Key Lime Interactive in FL to help structure, design, and facilitate user testing
  • Consider cultivating a database of testing candidates across multiple demographics to help ensure your tests get fresh insight (do not rely on convenience samples) 
  • Consider adopting ATDD or Behavior Driven Development (BDD) / Specification by Example to align the team’s focus with system response to key customer interactions

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