Initiator: Laisa De Almeida
Notetaker: Jamie Fulmino

Participants: Alex Panrell, Chaise Robinson, Ben Badio, Monique Hacker, Brian Klenk, Robert McAfee, Praveen Rathore, Kevin Kaeding, Lani Finnie-McDaniel

*What is the difference between Kanban and Scrum-> No Sprints, WIP Limitations, when a team hits WIP the team swarms
*WIP is critical to finding bottlenecks and continuously improving
*Visualize your entire stream and map out entire business, dev and push process from end to end.
*The physical team must represent the way the team works.
*SM Role in Kanban- still process focused, scope broadens
*Kanban was a better fit since the backlog priorities were changing day to day and it became easier to manage “critical items”
*How do you know you’re on track without estimating? Track SLAs for each stream and cycle time from column to column. Leverage the data you build to make improvements
*How do you handle complexity without estimating? Still do ‘just in time refinement’ but do not invest a lot of time in planning things too far out as priorities can change. Keep items small.
*How do you determine WIP? Build a board on resource based WIP then adjust. 2 items per resource; add buffers where needed; weekly replenishment meetings to create backlog

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