Initiator: Nicole Travis
Note taker: Heidi Araya
Participants: Lori Townsend, Cristin Hernandez, Nirakar Saha, Shasidhar Kalahasti, Jason Nocly, Michael McGreey, Camille Guy, Ivonne Woodruff

Discussion / Key Concepts / Quotes / Revelations / Highlights
How to recharge if you’re the agile champion/change agent.  Phone-a-friend, Meditate, Be healthy (mind, body, soul).  Ask yourself why is this important to me?  Be the best Scrum Master ever.  Keep perspective.  Identify your “why.”  Understand who you are and your characteristics to recharge, introverts unplug and extroverts go out and socialize.  Seek learning, take a class/webinar or read a book.  Keeping people motivated.  If change is not possible, what then?

Recommendations / Next Steps / Actions6 item checklist to recharge yourself:

  1. Get involved in the Agile community
  2. Treat yourself well
  3. “Reflectrospect”
  4. Take a step back, assess the big picture
  5. Sharpen your saw, add to your toolkit
  6. Consider an exit strategy

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