Initiator: Jens Ostergaard
Note taker: Darlene Pike

Session started with Jens explaining what he meant by the topic and used the ScrumGuide as an example.
Thereafter the group discussed and listed reasons why it is difficult. From that we voted and this is the Top 3 reasons why it is difficult to do core Agile.

  • Trust
  • Change
  • Fear
    • We then took on the challenge of solving the top 3 reasons. Using the same process we again discussed and listed reasons to gain TRUST, and then prioritise.

    • Deliver Value
    • Shared Responsibility
    • Empowerment
      • Moving on we did the same with CHANGE with the following result

      • Experiment
      • Reward – Benefit
      • Tiny change – Kaizen mind
        • And finally for FEAR

        • Just Do It – Try
        • Celebrate Success
        • Training


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