Shared a little bit of history
– 2014 and 2015 in Tampa at Valpak
– 2016 moved to Orlando and intend to have in Orlando a second year
– then see if we can move to another city
We are considering holding it with Agile Coach Camp (ACCUS) where AOF will be on Friday and then ACCUS will be Saturday/Sunday
– or we could have a games day or a games track (like Give Thanks for Scrum)
Appeal of AOF?
– The honesty of the people involved
– We know we can "suck together" – we realize we are all having the same struggles and can learn from each other.
Graduated Ticket Sales – Another idea (from Give Thanks for Scrum)
– longer you wait, the more expensive you get
– the people who buy early are the most passionate about attending; give them the cheapest rate
– have rate go up every 2-3 weeks
Other ideas?
– should we have some scheduled sessions?
– should we continue with inside and outside sessions (seemed to be appealing for many)
As we get bigger, what should we consider?
– should we get bigger?
– get those engaged who normally would not in the community
– adding more diversity to the event
– in surveys: What brought you here for the first time?
– focus on some different themes: agile beyond software, agile for life, scrum for hardware, agile for the rest of us
– how to help adoption where they are

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