Topic Title: Life after Agile–> Agile Life

Initiator: Julee Bellomo

Participants: Lots

Discussion Highlights:
Agile Coaching is not going to be the same in 5 years.
First phase: Frameworks
Second Phase: Scaling Agile
Third Phase: Design Thinking
What are you doing to prepare for the future?
* Moving agile to business side
* Work with Millenials
-Put problems and problem solvers together
-Learn to listen and acknowledge them!

* Put yourself into different positions
* Have the ability to pivot
* Become a change agent – help others to change
* Nourish an agile mindset – embrace new learning models
* Practice lean thinking – train and study for it. Look for it. Incorporate into your life.
* Be creative
* Foster a growth mindset and continual learning
* Be okay with failure

Prepare now to augment your agile world:
* Coaching as a career
* Facilitation as a career
* DevOps as a career
* Training as a career
* Mediation as a career

It’s a whole different world out there! Fields that agile is moving into:
Agile / Law / Real Estate / Marketing

Follow your passion (Maslow’s triangle)
Create safety in your life, find your tribe, follow your passion
Prepare now with service work, volunteering, be on a board

Continual Learning + Opportunity = A Life after Agile

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