Topic Title:How to stay busy in a sprint (keeping developers active at the end)

Initiator: Tracy Sells

Participants: Kate Leonardo, Gordon Ridge, Bill Dean, Kevin Krieger, Sarah Baca, Becca Franklin, Stephanie Raffman, Rita Oglesby, David Aaron, Evy Vicioso, Jason Stanley, Tyson Baker, Tami Volkert, Sherrie Hanrahan, Graile Sweeney, Theresa Travis, Kelley Watson

Discussion Highlights:
In the last part of the sprint, where QA is testing the last stories, and developers have idle time, what should they work on to stay busy?

Below are the ideas from the group:

  • Technical Debt
  • Breakdown Stores
  • Pull Stories from future sprints
  • Review Technical Documentation
  • Plan for next sprint
  • Technical Assessment Stories (Spikes)
  • Training / Personal Development
  • Cross Training in other areas (Dev / Test)

Ideas for Action/Next Steps:

Find ways to reduce the size gap

  • Smaller Stories
  • Have QA and Developers work in tandem (TDD) so everything is done at the same time

Implement a testable API for QA Automation so when everything is done the tests can run and be completed.  This would force the developers and the testers to code against the same API.

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