Topic Title: How to successfully execute training for  globally distributed teams

Initiator: Kimberly Reynolds

Participants:Wendy Culpepper, Alina Geddard, Karam Labban, Phil Zofrea, Rita Oglesby

Discussion Highlights:
1. Different Time Zones and Cultures – have meetings using video and tent cards. For each person not in the same room have a tent card with all the team members that are not in the same room. Challenging to find times to meet for several hours across time zones.
2. Challenge to perform SM and PO and team training globally. Some ideas presented were:

3. Use different applications to assist in the locations differences. Suggestions were:

4. Need to understand the WHY for going Agile with leadership first. Create the right environment and have the right people to assist.

Ideas for Action/Next Steps:
Have a conversation with leadership asking them to discuss the why for the company and how it compares to the WHY for going Agile and have them NOT use buzz words.
Need to hire a consulting company to assist

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