Topic Title: How can we help Stakeholders change Goals and Product Initiatives to be more successful?

Initiator:Kevin Tighe

Participants: Erik Tandberg, ~10 USF People (go Bulls), ~other people (go team)

Discussion Highlights:

  1. Bi-weekly check in meeting in addition to review
    1. Esentially a planning session
    2. Stakeholder views board and makes priority decisions
    3. Use lots of graphs, data, heatmaps
    4. Try to stay high level
  2. Never promise something
    1. “This is something I have to take back to the team”
    2. “I am not a developer”
  3. The reality is that some things MUST be delivered by a deadline
  4. Stakeholder: “It has to be perfect!!!!”
    1. Get sign off on Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria
    2. Escalate to executives if necessary
    3. Show the stakeholders the impact of the delays they are creating, use $$$$$ values
  5. Instead of showing features, show the impact of features 
    1. How many people does this affect?
    2. How much time is saved?
    3. How much $$$?
  6. “How do you stay connected with stakeholders and users?”
    1. Bring a lower level, “boots on the ground” end user
    2. In fact, have the PO shadow those people!!
  7. How does a QA Dept fit in with an Agile team?
    1. “We don’t have a QA Dept” 🙁
    2. Make the QA testers attend the review meetings. Succeed or fail together!
  8. The Pizza Game (look it up and try it!)
  9. “New stakeholder, what do I tell them? How to onboard?”
    1. YouTube “Building the Bradley”. Great tool, really teaches people about scope creep
    2. Judgement Juggler Game
  10. Understand the cost of context switching, bad requirements
  11. Do Empathy Mapping 

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