Topic Title: Scrum Discovery

Initiator: Adam Ulery / Agile Thought

Participants: Alison Janke, Jill Wilson, Matt Warner, Dave Hall, Dominique McCarthy, Mark Cruz, Dottye Stewart, Jennifer Maldonaeu, Steve Sladoje, Wendy Vigpe, Bill Aikens, Tom Clemente, Ed Brunner

Discussion Highlights:

Adam started with a diagram and handed out sticky notes with various terms on them. They were related to scrum roles, ceremonies (events), artifacts, and non-scrum terms.

Each person took turns placing a sticky note on the appropriate place on the diagram and explained why they chose that spot. The next person could place their sticky note, or move a note if they thought it was incorrectly placed.

Some things we discussed:

3 scrum roles:

  • Product Owner- owns Product Backlog and responsible for ROI
  • Scrum Master
  • Development Team

non-scrum roles:

  • Stakeholders-provide input to the PO
  • The Sprint is an event (FKA ceremony). So is sprint planning.
  • The Definition of Done is set by the development organization or team. It’s the standard of quality.
  • You don’t have to use user stories in Scrum!
  • Another event is the daily scrum stand up. It’s the opportunity to inspect and adapt on the sprint goal.
  • Acceptance criteria is from the business perspective. The Definition of Done is from the technical perspective.
  • The 3 pillars of the empirical process are transparency, adaptation, and inspection. Scrum is built on the empirical process.

Ideas for Action/Next Steps:

  • This is a good exercise for established teams to reiterate principles.

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