2:20 work agile – Venus

Working with Agile and not

Managing product BA team – not PO
Development is Agile

Rita mixed Agile
Jack fill Agile team
Pushback from other departments, get their buy in for inclusion
Started with Kanban, using Scrum

Kanban is multiple sprints

Scrum for enhancements
Kanban for production support

Pitfall totally scrum – emergency updates
Refine/Breakdown stories to fit into a sprint

Requirements for one month

Contract waterfall – tie box requirements
Dev Agile

How do you transform to Agile?
Business requirements should be features
User stories – writing is Agile and requires training
Keep in mind velocity
Conversation between waterfall – requirements and development deliverables
How accurate is velocity and team working together
Using 3 week sprints

2 week sprint – how quick can you deliver

Pushback from departments
Level of transparency- fearful when moving from waterfall
Have good relationship with resource management
Need Mature process for process
Have to work at it – be open minded and listen
Iterative process
Building trust – guide them to make decisions

Can have waterfall and agile teams in one company

Documentation- don’t change
Break into feature
Only include actual new feature in specs. Any general information in template

How long to work toward user stories? 6 months to year
Longest transition – stop thinking linearly
Product should be thinking function not by page – create smaller pieces
Hands on coaching – really helps

Infrastructure and security separate

Cold turkey transformations? – might be easier

Grow – fully agile
Documentation same process – but moving to “done”
SDLC – who needs to sign off

3 refinements before can move into sprint
Steering committee and two more committees before going into sprint
Components, model for what needs to be approved

Work on velocity- product owner needs to understand

Adding extra work



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