Topic Title: Agile Transformation – Challenges and Experiences

Initiator: Swati Chintada, Prashanth Prasannathirtha

Participants: Jane Fox, Prachi Jain, Oral Ashley, Amit Bathia, Craig Johnson, Nicole Stuart, Susan Shapiro, Cindy Coventry, Bennis Griffith, Albin Sautiago,  Cristina Lirano, Travis Thompson

Discussion Highlights:

  • What are the challenges faced during waterfall to agile transformation?
    • large organizations with traditional practices and culture
    • service organization; not product oriented
  • Challenges:
    • client expectation of quick turn around as this is agile!
    • lack of fully engaged product owner
    • funding projects instead of people (or teams)
    • multiple dependencies for large products
    • managing work of shared services
  • Transformation approach
    • cold turkey
      • needs support from top leadership
      • may cause lot of disruption at various levels
    • incremental adoption
      • baby steps
      • build trust and people as part of transformation
      • start with hybrid approach
  • Some recommendations:
    • use scaling approaches for collaboration if there are too many dependencies
    • manage shared services work by adding their work in your product backlog
    • engage QA sooner and make them part of team as soon as possible
    • use agile for non IT work in the organization. For ex – HT, Finance, Marketing etc
    • use relevant metrics
      • to measure value delivered rather than how much work has been done
      • don’t use metrics that would be counter productive to team or overall org
    • create safe environment to innovate, fail, speak-up
    • create self organized teams
    • documentation
      • move from outdated and out of sync documentation to living documentation
      • move from hard to search project specific doc to product level documentation
      • capture as much technical information and design design decisions along with code

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