Topic Title:  Analysts in Agile

Initiator:  Jill Wilson, Healthesystems

Participants:  Efrain, Jamie, Simon, Mariane, Jack, Brandon, Euy, Tina, Tabatha, Lani, Jonathon, Ed, Dan, Kevin, Marilyn, Vanessa, Prachi, Jane, Kelley, Denise, Zach, Jill.

Discussion Highlights:

Tell us what you, as an Analyst, do on your Agile team:

  • work closely with the Product Owner to gather requirements and write User Stories
  • work with Product Owner to review backlog
  • work ahead of the current Sprint to gather requirements for up to 3 sprints ahead
  • work with Stakeholders in answering questions
  • perform analysis as needed which may involve creating database queries and looking at code
  • perform QA as needed
  • fill in as PO or SM as needed
  • perform data maintenance as needed
  • translate requirements to the development throughout the Sprint

Go around the room and tell us what title you have:

  • Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Business Systems Analysts

Go around the room and tell us who do you report to:

  • some report to the Business
  • some report to IT

There were 21 people at this session, including Analysts, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters.  This topic brought about much participation and discussion as people raised questions and talked about their experiences.

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