We talked about these following models:

SATIR Five Freedoms
SATIR Interaction Model

SATIR Congruence Model (Self, Other, Context) + 5 stances of Incongruent behavior ( Blaming, Placating, Love-Hate, Super-reasonable, and irrelevant).

We put the three stances of the KARPMAN drama triangle, Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer on the floor on post its, and had people think of a time when they held someone else on contempt about something. Where would you stand on this triangle. And then what happened? Where are you standing after that? and gently finding a way they could have gotten OFF the Drama triangle – using Congruence stances – by asking questions, finding out what you want, and expressing it in way that others can hear it.


I also touched on the PRO model and REPROCess model for noting what kind of language people are using.  Here is a link to an article about that.
A lot to absorb but the role plays made it come alive… 
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