Supervisors are very normal with therapistsTeachers in the US have someone come in and supervise their class

Some have a spectrum of peer-based supervision – formal and informal (peers)

Why might you want Supervision for?
To manage emotions from the work I’m doing
Learning, having someone challenge my perspective and professional growth
Ethical issues that I need someone to help with
Uncovering my hudden patterns and bias

Coaching vs. Supervision is that a supervisor tells me what my BS is va. A coach helps me discover my own bullshit. Especially if they are internal to the company.

Supervisor might intervene–mentoring or teaching.

Some places when hiring use supervision requirements to ensure coaches are putting themselves into a learning. You’re taking active ways to do it as a profession.

You are inspecting and adapting.

How do you find a supervisor?

In our org it has to be supervised and you probably have to hire someone. One person pays 100 pounds for 90 minutes in a group format. That frequency for him is twice over 2 to 3 years. But he gets Supervision informally.

Someone else it’s quarterly. For some it’s on-demand.

Coaching and supervision are different. They do blur but they are different.

Supervision might not work in the US. Here Supervision is for certification or more formal. Caitlin chooses her supervisor based on of they can hold her to them, not just know them.

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