Do a coaching session live with the candidate. Coffee and posting on a safe, anonymous portal
How are people growing, “What have you learned lately? How are you changing?” We want people who have that spark.
What is YOUR role in your career?

On Sat, Aug 3, 2019, 11:12 AM Sarah Baca <sarahjbaca> wrote:

Give them real world structure – structure for their real daysChange agent Network instead of a Community of Practice for Scrum Masters
Create good policies and processes around impediment busting with senior management
Do systemic modeling so they understand it’s a system issue
Spend a day in the life if a Scrum Master
Go see – Gemba
Tell stories of people in the organization
Facilitation training – ACC training
For promotions, promote lateral growth, they don’t always have to become a coach
Giving them training in short chunks
How we hire Scrum Masters

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