Triune brain model

When you’re not getting what you want, that’s like what?

Start asking questions on behalf of the group, to help their stuff be more sticky, until she thinks you can remember it.

“Dead to myself “
“Running at a wall that doesn’t give me resistance. “

I’m creating a small model. Who’s got something different?

“Black hole”
What kind of black hole?
It’s dense and expansive
Then what happens?
I go inward

Two or three questions, then move on, what’s some of the differences. Don’t go in too much.

Accept and extend what’s in the room until you and the group understand it. If he’s listening, his sytem updates. We all make assumptions and then as we dig in we breal those assumptions.

These questions train your group to hold assumptions lightly

The clean questions show you where your assumptions are wrong

What has to be true for that to make sense

You can’t go where you expect to go. You accept and extend.

Carpman’s drama triangle

The rescuing was the worst to solve. You can tell when that’s happening because you wnd up exhausted and what about me?

Rescuer is – is it asked for? Your jurisdiction?

Drama can be very slight. It doesn’t have to be big.

Triune brain
Reptilian – if they are in fight, flight, or freeze, don’t coach them.
Mammalian – how do we behave?
Neocortex – rest and digest

By Paul Mcclean

These models allow me to teach a group to code.

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